Knocking the Neighbors

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Knocking the Neighbors was published in 1913. It is wonderfully snarky and funny; if you like Ogden Nash and James Thurber you'll like George Ade. Reading this book of funny fables was a little hard as it was written in the slang of the time, and many of the words made no sense to me. I remember when I first came across the phrase "23 skidoo" and was delighted (once I figured out what it meant.) Some of Ade's stories were like reading a foreign language and I felt like I needed a dictionary by my side. Don't let this review scare you off. Ade's insights into Modern Man of 1913 are hysterical. Each short tale ends with a moral.

I'm glad I discovered this clever writer. Next I'm going to attempt his Fables in Slang from 1899. I can't wait to discover some new words!

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