Hatha Yoga

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To the healthy man and woman this book is respectfully dedicated. They have done certain things (consciously or subconsciously) in order to bring themselves from infancy to healthy, normal maturity. And if you (who may not be so healthy and normal) will do just these same things, there is no reason why you, too, should not be just as are they. And this little book is our attempt to tell you just what this healthy man and woman did in order to be just what they are. Read it, and then go and do likewise, so far as you are able. If you doubt the truth of our statements, find some healthy man or woman, and watch him, or her, closely, and see whether he, or she, does not do the things we have pointed out to you to do in this book—and whether he, or she, does not leave undone the things we have asked you to avoid. We are willing to submit our teachings to this severe test—apply it.

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