Reincarnation A Study of the Human Soul

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Download Reincarnation A Study of the Human Soul PDF By Jerome A. Anderson

From the Preface: ‘THESE pages are intended to present, in as concise a form as possible, an outline of certain phenomena in nature, together with logical and philosophical deductions therefrom, which go to prove, first, the existence of a soul, and, second, the repeated incarnation of this soul in physical bodies. No phenomena will be considered except such as have been fully verified and accepted as a portion of the armamentarium of modern science. That there are vast classes of genuine phenomena not acknowledged as genuine by science is well known; and, although fully entitled to an appeal to these in support of our position, it has been thought best to pass them by, and to meet modern scientific agnosticism entirely upon the territory of its own facts. It is believed that by thus “carrying the war into Egypt” more good may be accomplished in directing attention towards the higher spiritual aspects of these phenomena than if the argument were advanced into disputed domains.’

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